Ryan McGinness At The Michael Kohn Gallery

The Michael Kohn Gallery (of course you know it – corner of Crescent Heights and Beverly) has a wonderful show up right now. You cannot miss the windows created by the artist-blacklit icons that pop at night. Recent Paintings by Ryan McGinness, whose paintings and installations are influenced by the skate and surf culture, is our kind of guy even though he’s based out of NY. His slick, vibrant works combine layer upon layer of iconography from tweaked storm troopers to childlike Trojan horses and for an extra kick, there is a room in the gallery where some works are lit by a black light. If a painting can be smart and funny, these are. You can look at them again and again and see something new each time. Gallery owner Michael Kohn threw an opening bash for the artist and fellow art lovers at the space followed by an intimate dinner at nearby Lucques. McGinness and his wife are here for the month and you have another chance to meet the artist on June 9th from 6-8 p.m., when the gallery presents a book signing. Which tome? Studio Manual. Everything you ever wanted to know about Ryan McGinness Studios Inc. More info.
Photo of Ryan McGinness and Michael Kohn courtesy of Michael Gardner