RuPaul’s DragCon LA: Highlights from the Queens’ Booths

LAMag’s dispatches from inside the return of the convention after a two year hiatus due to COVID

Rupaul’s DragCon is special for so many reasons: the vendors, the performances, the fashion, the shade of it all. But the opportunity for fans to interact with their Drag Race idols is the experience sought most of the attendees. Fans can meet their drag heroes at customized booths complete with rhinestones, feather boas, neons lights, disco balls, and with whatever else the queens might want to decorate their space. Each booth provides an experience unique to each drag queen, and the fans are living for the fantasy, hunty! Here are just a few of the highlights of the queens’ booths on the second day of Rupaul’s DragCon LA 2022.

Season 14’s Kerri Colby had been to DragCon as a fan in the past. But this is her first year participating as a Drag Race queen.

“My favorite part is I kind of got to flip the roles here, and I’m able to kind of be that experience that I always loved seeing [at DragCon] and really being able to touch and feel and taste and smell and experience everyone. It really just makes this so worth it. And even though it’s a long day, it’s a lot of work, it energizes you,” Colby told LAMag

Kerri Colby sits on her golden throne in her booth at Rupaul’s DragCon LA

Season four icon Latrice Royale also cherishes meeting her fans in her personalized bubble in the convention center.

“I can’t even describe how good it feels to have human contact again and to actually have that interaction and exchange energy, space, and time,” Royale said. “This is such a breath of fresh air.”

Latrice Royale struts down The Pink Carpet in a baby blue gown and wig

Star of HBO’s We Are Here and Drag Race legend Eureka! is overwhelmed by the opportunity to have close and personal exchanges with her fans again after DragCon has been on hiatus for two years.

“It’s amazing and emotional. And [the fans] are also very emotional. It’s like a release for them to finally get out and do things and see the people that they’ve followed through the pandemic too,” Eureka! told LAMag. 

Eureka! (right) sitting next to designer Tony Iniguez and fellow Drag Race queen Morgan McMichaels at a fashion panel during the convention

This year’s winner, Willow Pill, loves her time with her fans even though she is exhausted after posing for photos and signing autographs for hours on end.

“Emotionally, I am fulfilled. Physically I am so tired, but I have enough love coursing through my veins to feed a small village,” Pill said. “Each person is really sweet and has something really kind to say, and it’s really humbling.”

Willow Pill strikes a pose in her booth

Season 14 runner-up and San Francisco sweetheart Lady Camden is still in disbelief that she even has a booth at DragCon.

“It’s the first time it’s felt a little bit more real. Up until now, it’s felt like a dream that isn’t happening. We worship and worship every season, and so to see yourself in it, it still doesn’t feel real, so [this booth] makes it feel like it’s actually happening,” Lady Camden told LAMag.“I literally have a line around the booth lot, and I just don’t understand why? Like why are these people here to see me?”

(Spoiler alert: People are here to see her because the world of drag queen aficionados has fallen in love with Lady Camden.)

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