Rooftop Cinema Club’s October Lineup Is Terrifying…ly Awesome

One ticket for every screening, please

Outdoor movie season is almost over, but Rooftoop Cinema Club has one more month of screenings up its sleeve before closing up shop. Being that it’s October, you can probably guess what kinds of films are dominating the lineup—Westerns! JK, it’s definitely scary movies.

Between RCC’s two locations—The Montalban Theater in Hollywood and LEVEL in DTLA—there is a lot of creepy cinema to choose from. If you’re one of those (normal) people who think it’s weird to willingly subject yourself to disturbing imagery, don’t fret. The movies fall on a sliding scale from good clean spooky fun (Clue) to gross (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) to this-might-mess-you-up (The Babadook), so no matter your taste, you’ll be able to catch a Halloween-y flick you love. The festivities kick off on October 13 at the Montalban with a showing of Friday the 13th because of course; see what else RCC is working with below, and get your tickets here.

Montalban Theater Schedule

October 13: Friday the 13th 

October 14: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

October 17: The Shining

October 18: The Exorcist

October 19Clue

October 20: The Babadook

October 21- Carrie

October 24: Beetlejuice

October 26Death Becomes Her

October 27: Scream

October 28: Get Out

October 31: Halloween


October 18: Close Encounters of the Third Kind 

October 24: Hocus Pocus  

October 25: Poltergeist

October 26: Get Out

October 27: The Fly

October 28: Nightmare on Elm Street

October 31: The Shining