Rollerskating Ghosts, Obese Bikers & A Goth Choir: Wayne Coyne and Moby Need Extras for Video

You should be comfortable with nudity

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips (and the weird cell phone ads) and Moby of the electronica-composing, photo-snapping, architecture-loving lifestyle are collaborating on a video and they need extras. We have no idea what kind of video this is, but it has the best casting breakdown.

Los Angeles Beat has the full descriptions, but here’s the rundown as requested: 
–a drunk king
–S&M gimp rhythmic gymnast
–8 rollerskating ghosts
–12 goth choir members
–2 obese bearded bikers in red Speedos
–20 party guests who are comfortable with nudity
–a punk rock brass band

Casting is today. Shooting takes place this Saturday, August 10 in downtown L.A. You should definitely be comfortable with nudity. Go grab your moment of glory.