This L.A. Artist Draws Galactic Feminist Dreamscapes We Wish We Could Live In

Robin Eisenberg’s out-of-this-world illustrations are playful and empowering depictions of self-loving women

The list of fantasy worlds we’d like to visit is virtually endless—Wakanda, Hogwarts, Westeros, the island from Lost because we still have too many questions, Mushroom Kingdom for the sole purpose of teaching Princess Peach some damn self-defense, etc. But the world represented in Robin Eisenberg‘s intergalactic dreamscapes currently tops them all.

The L.A.-based artist and designer creates neon-drenched feminist utopias inhabited by independent, alien-esque ladies living their best lives in outer space. A blue-haired babe relaxes in a “Space Pod Jacuzzi” with her mini-dragon perched close by (the future of WiSpa?); a fang-toothed woman flosses topless amid the stars; a woman enjoys a soak in the tub, slice of pizza in hand. It’s self-care set in the cosmos—playful and empowering vignettes of women feeling good and indulging in earthly pleasures, even though they’re light years away.

We spoke with Eisenberg about creating these feminist fantasy worlds (and where to grab her favorite slice in town).

Your work often depicts confident, unapologetic women loving up on themselves. It’s fun and playful, but at the same time super empowering. What message or feeling are you trying to get across with your art?

I want to create art that helps other women to feel seen and also feel good about themselves. Moments to myself are really important to me, and I love celebrating those moments and creating little worlds that hopefully other women can relate to or be inspired by.

How would you describe your art in three words?

Easy, breezy, beautiful…Haha just kidding. Weird, dreamy, colorful!

Galactic settings and underwater themes show up in a lot of your work. Why do you think you’re so drawn to these unknown places?

I am fascinated by space as well as the deep sea—both are places that haven’t been fully explored and that are full of potential mysteries! I also love the idea of strange things feeling familiar, i.e. aliens or mermaids still being relatable despite living in such different environments.

If you discovered a new planet, what would you call it?

Planet Neovyn

If you could have any fictional creature as a pet, what would it be?

I think a flying dog would be super cute and wonderful! Ideally, it would be able to support my weight and we could go on fun flying trips together.

Who are your muses?

Family/writers/musicians. (Sorry, that’s not super specific… but there are so many!)

When do you feel most creative/in sync artistically?

I always feel most creative when I’m by myself, listening to music or with Star Trek on in the background, in a room with a lot of light (or sometimes late at night). Although I always feel creative while traveling and being in new places, I would say I’m equally inspired by mundane things like getting groceries, dealing with acne, trying to remember to drink water, etc.

What’s your creative process like, and what do you do when you’re feeling uninspired?

I get ideas for new drawings at random times (often I get them when I’m feeling overwhelmed with client projects and don’t have time to draw my own things). I feel like there are forever new things I want to draw and new mediums I want to explore. Anyway, I write down all of my ideas in random notes on my phone. Then when I am finally able to make some time for my own projects, I start working on whichever idea feels most relevant to me at the time. When I’m feeling uninspired, I try to drive somewhere like the desert or ocean and read a book or just look at things and not think about art for a few hours.

What’s your proudest creative accomplishment?

I would say it’s an ongoing accomplishment of just trying to take on more of the things that really intimidate me the most (i.e. conferences, talks, live painting, murals, extensive animation, etc.). Staying out of my comfort zone is probably what I’m most proud of lately.

What’s been the biggest challenge of jump-starting your career?

Finding my own style that felt genuinely like me, and learning how to value my own work and feel comfortable and confident taking myself seriously.

A lot of the badass ladies you draw are chilling with a slice of pizza. What’s your favorite pizza spot in town?

Ooh! I really love the pizza at Mohawk Bend in Silver Lake (I love that place in general). I’m also a sucker for those pick-your-own-toppings pizza places (although I love pepperoni pizza and always draw it, I also love making a white pizza with basil, garlic, and ricotta). My go-to pizza delivery is usually from Ameci Pizza & Pasta. They actually do a pizza with flaming hot Cheetos on it, but I haven’t tried it yet!

Any advice to young artists out there just getting started?

Find your own style and don’t be afraid to push your own boundaries when it comes to art! Also, be proud of your own accomplishments and try your best not to compare yourself to other artists. You are awesome, so just keep working on your own stuff and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Also, try to get enough sleep! (I’m still figuring that last one out…)

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