Robert Downey Jr. Gives Cinefamily Early Christmas Present

Actor pledges big bucks to help theater upgrade to digital projector

The question isn’t “Who showed up at Cinefamily this weekend?” The question is, “Who didn’t?” Guests at the repertory theater’s 2nd Annual Fantastic Elastic 24-Hour Holiday Telethon included Jason Schwarzman, Nick Offerman, John Hawkes, Cut Chemist, Community creator Dan Harmon, comedian Neil Hamburger, filmmaker Guy Maddin, all-purpose German weirdo Udo Kier, artist Wayne White, Devo co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh (via Skype), and the Bob Baker Marionettes — to name just a few. But the most generous celeb guest was Robert Downey Jr.

Dropping in on Saturday afternoon, he busted open a time capsule that had been left for him a decade ago under the projection booth (yes, really) and sat down with Cinefamily founder Hadrian Belove, pledging to cover the cost of a digital projector. The Fairfax Avenue repertory theater has been trying to raise $144,000 via Kickstarter so it can fix the roof, improve the sound system, and add a state of the art digital cinema projector. Digital projection is a thorny issue for movie theaters, especially indie ones, but film geeks need not worry. The theater owners swear they’ll still screen 35mm film, even if they’re “projecting it bicycle-powered after the apocalypse.” On its Kickstarter page, Cinefamily estimates that upgrading to a digital projector will cost $60,000. Ho ho ho. And a very merry Christmas to you too!