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Ever fantasize about traveling cross-country? Ever fantasize about doing it on a bike? Well that’s what Dominic Gill is doing right this minute. In fact, the award-winning documentary filmmaker, who set off from the Santa Monica Pier on July 5 (with mayor Riordan at his side), is somewhere near Salt Lake City heading northeast—and he’s not alone: he’s riding tandem with Carlos Terraza, who is blind.

Like most big adventures, this one got off to a bumpy start. Gill, who chronicled a solo ride around the U.S. in his 2009 documentary, Take a Seat, set out to bike across the United States with Ernie Greenwald, a 74-year-old cancer patient, to raise awareness and funds for the Livestrong Foundation. Days before they were scheduled to take off, Ernie’s doctors deemed him unable to make the journey. It was decided the trip should not be cancelled, and a lineup of ten disabled or infirm athletes who could fill Ernie’s seat for a leg of the 4,000-mile trek was assembled.

Gill’s just getting started (he’s expected to arrive in New York City on November 1) but he and the riders who have and will be joining him on “The Dom and Ernie Project” are already inspiring.

Watch Gill and Ryon Mobley, a 32-year-old from Salt Lake City who suffered brain trauma in a car accident in 2006, on the first leg of the journey here, then visit the Dom and Ernie blog for daily updates from the road.