Reel Words: Quentin Tarantino’s Live Read, Death in Cinema, the Action Hero Workout and More

The week’s best writing about movies

The Hateful Eight Live Read
Quentin Tarantino’s new project The Hateful Eight has gone through a rollercoaster of weird development turns since its screenplay was leaked; now it might not get made. While Tarantino is iffy on whether he’ll move forward with the film, he saw no reason for the script to go to waste. Last weekend, he staged a live read of the screenplay as a benefit for Film Independent at the newly renovated Ace Hotel Theatre. Recording devices weren’t allowed, so unless you were there, the only way to experience it is through various recaps. You can find them at The Dissolve, The LA Times, and Deadline.

How Hollywood Killed Death
by Alexander Huls at The New York Times Magazine
Death is a big deal because it’s permanent. So if that permanence is removed, it suddenly isn’t such a big thing. Lately, this is what movies have done to death as a plot twist. Alexander Huls dives into blockbusters that dish out easy resurrections, cheap fakeouts, and other devices that take the sting out of death.

Interview with Roger Corman
by Jonathan Demme at Interview Magazine
No other purveyor of low-culture schlock has had as great an impact on “high culture” as Roger Corman. The B-movie producer gave numerous directors their first gigs in the business: Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard, James Cameron, Peter Bogdanovich. One of Corman’s students, Jonathan Demme, talks to his old mentor about his long and storied career.

The Top 20 Movie Theaters in the World
by Jennifer M. Wood at Men’s Journal Magazine
Bookmark this article for the next time you take a trip, and see if your destination includes one of these landmark venues. The golden age of theatergoing may be past, but there are still numerous places where one can see a movie in style. L.A.’s own New Beverly Cinema made the cut, so you know it’s a thoughtful list.

Building a Bigger Action Hero
by Logan Hill at Men’s Journal Magazine
Who would have thought that Men’s Journal of all places would land multiple spots on this column in one week? But this is a must for anyone who has ever wondered what Hollywood hunks do to build and maintain their impossible physiques. From diets to workout routines to “lean out” tricks, here’s how would-be superheroes firm up. 

8 Lessons Thelma Schoonmaker Taught Us at TFF 2014
by Zachary Wigon at Tribeca Film
You might not know Thelma Schoonmaker’s name, but you should. She’s Martin Scorsese longtime collaborator, having edited nearly all of his films. At the Tribeca Film Festival, Schoonmaker taught a master class on editing, using her own work on Raging Bull (which won her an Oscar for Best Editing) as an example.