Redd Kross Rocks On


Jeff McDonald, vocalist and lead guitarist of the vintage L.A. punk band, talks about the group’s first album in 15 years

Why make a record now?
In 2006, we were asked to play the Don’t Knock the Rock festival, and we just kept going. We started to record, and after a couple years of tinkering, the record was done.

What creative influence did living in Hawthorne have on you?
At the time any witchery left by the Beach Boys had long since faded, but my love of the Ramones and their obvious love of the Beach Boys got me in touch with my Hawthorne roots.

If 2012 Redd Kross were to meet 1992 Redd Kross, what would today’s band tell yesterday’s about the current music industry?
The Redd Kross of today, as with the Redd Kross of the ’90s, exists in a bubble. Reality can be a huge bummer, and we must shield ourselves against it at all times. 

Redd Kross performs at the FYF Fest on Sept. 1 at Los Angeles State Historic Park

Photograph by Jonathan Krop