Where to Follow Real News and Get Actual Facts if You Live in L.A.

These are the major news organizations working hard to inform Angelenos

Ever since the November election (let us never speak of it again) the definition of what constitutes real news has come into question because we’re all currently living through a George Orwell fever dream. However imperfect it may be, the independent press remains vital to the functioning of a republic because it informs the citizens, and an informed citizenry is necessary to elect, educate, and pressure its representatives. You may not always agree with every word they report, but the following local news organizations do their best to bring you the truth fairly, quickly, and accurately.

Major Newspapers

Los Angeles Times
The city’s largest and most important news organization

Los Angeles Daily News
Covers the San Fernando Valley
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La Opinión
Spanish-language paper with more than 100,000 readers

New York Times
The Times has a California Today section

There are also dozens of smaller city, ethnic, and free newspapers worth subscribing to or following.

Alternative Newspaper

L.A. Weekly
City’s most popular alt-weekly


Covers local news, targeted at younger readers
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Los Angeles
That would be us—your favorite city magazine


Local CBS affiliate
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Local NBC affiliate
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Local CW affiliate

Local ABC affiliate
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Local Fox affiliate
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Independent station


KNX 1070 AM
CBS radio station
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KCRW 89.9 FM
NPR station in Santa Monica

KPCC 89.3 FM
NPR station in Pasadena
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