Ready, Set, Date!


This week, our EIC, Mary Melton, brought in a big bucket of dates to the office. Inspired, that same day I joined’s new dating site, where after you join (free for now) you suggest a date you’d like to go on and see who else is up for it. This is my first try at the lets-meet-a-fella online thing. Seems like ordering pizza—which toppings would you like? I can see who has viewed my profile and the fellas who have scoped me and out and some have left messages. Oh the possibilities. I do not know about the profile questionnaires at other sites but this one made me smile. It was easy to put down my religion (Catholic) and that it is (Somewhat Important To Me) yet I hemmed and hawed over Politics. Independent, Liberal, etc, oh my. Well, c’mon in. The water seems fine. I’ll let you know.