The L.A. Rams Revealed Their New Logo and Fans Were Not Into It

The change wasn’t welcome for many, but the distraction was welcome for the rest of us

On Monday, two weeks after leaked images began circulating on social media, the Los Angeles Rams officially unveiled the team’s new logo.

Intended as a tribute to the Rams’ past uniforms, the new logo features the rams horns in a more geometric form curving around the letters L and A. It’s still blue, gold, and white, but the colors—”Rams royal” blue and “sol” yellow—are more vibrant to represent both history and the California sunshine, according to the a site devoted to the unveiling. The Ram Head, the site explains, “pulls inspiration from the team’s earliest logos.”

With the new release, fans took to Twitter to discuss—and let’s just say they were less than thrilled.

One person compared the new logo to the Internet Explorer logo, while another thanked the Rams for releasing the Chargers’ new logo (ouch!).

The hits kept coming. One Twitter user tweeted an image of the words “LAME” with the rams horn around the L.A. letters saying, “My thoughts on the new rams logo. Super Bowl loss to NE hit them hard.”

Other fans took a more helpful tack, executing unsolicited redesigns for the team.

If nothing else, the team provided a welcome distraction from our current sports-free lives.

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