Behind the Scenes with L.A.’s Queer Nightlife Movers and Shakers

An inside look at our big Pride photo shoot

Getting 53 club kids together for one epic photograph is no small feat, but that’s just what we did for our June issue, which is all about celebrating LGBTQ icons. As we write, “Queer people have been at the forefront of nightlife everywhere, but especially in L.A….In derelict warehouses and other underground venues, a vibrant crew is creating spaces full of possibilities, freedom, and love.”

From Biqtch Puddin to the masterminds behind Queen Kong, we gathered a dream team of queer movers and shakers during daylight hours, and videographer Norbert Szeman and photographer John Tsiavis shared footage and photos from a big, gay day.

For a list of who’s who, check out: