“Queer As Folk” Stars To Make Drag Debut at LA’s The Abbey (Exclusive)

Take a guess: Which actor’s drag name is Pig Milk Fruit Bagel and which is going by Meat Skeleton?

Fin Argus and Chris Renfro are taking the drag skills they learned while filming Peacock’s Queer As Folk to an iconic Los Angeles stage, LAMag has learned. 

“You heard it here first. The Abbey is having us as headliners,” Renfro told LAMag at the They/Them premiere, which doubled as the closing night of the 40th anniversary of Outfest this weekend.

Though the actors don’t have an exact date to share when they will hit the West Hollywood gay bar’s stage, they both agreed it was a longtime coming.

“We’ve talked a lot about doing a drag performance together and it’s taking shape and I’m very excited,” Argus added. 

The 23-year-old actor continued to explain the backstory of how his character’s journey in discovering drag culture influenced his desire to perform himself. 

“I learned a lot about drag while I was in New Orleans, and that was in part due to the show and then part due to… Chris and I were just doing drag together in our off time and it was really fun,” Argus said. “I love drag. It’s what has liberated me most so far in my life. I think it’s broken up my own gender exploration and it’s helped me find a new creative outlet that has been really cathartic and gratifying.”

Argus even revealed his drag name publicly for the first time. 

“It’s subject to change. I just wanna make that very clear, but the name that I’ve been driving with lately is Pig Milk,” he said. “I could not tell you [where I came up with it], but her full name is Pig Milk Fruit Bagel. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not cute. It’s not really funny, but it’s mine.” 

Renfro also revealed that his drag name is Meat Skeleton and that the two actors have spent many late nights “laughing in bed” over the names that just made sense to them during the development process. 

Argus said that he is just thankful the empowering LGBTQ+ drama has not only inspired him to break out of his shell but also that viewers are watching the third version of Queer As Folk.

“The thing I’ve been most excited about is that a lot of queer skaters have come up to me and told me they’ve seen the show and it inspired them to start venturing and exploring their own gender and gender expression,” Argus said. 

“There was actually a person I met at the skate park who was wearing a skirt for the first time… they were super excited to meet me because [my character] Mingus helped them on their gender journey, and that’s exactly what shows like this are for,” he added. “So people can see themself represented and start to learn more about themselves. So that’s really exciting to hear about.” 

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