Q&A: Purrfect Speaks


Just as her place on the throne has been usurped by a salmon-colored cockatoo, Purrfect, Cee Lo’s fluffy feline companion on two seasons of The Voice, shares her survival tips.

Q: How did you choose Cee Lo as your companion?
A: I’m Purrfect. It was meant to be.

Q: Where do you get your fur done?
A: On a sofa, a desk, or a stack of towels. It doesn’t matter to me—I do my own fur.

Q: Do you have a special preshow grooming ritual?
I’m always grooming, but on Mondays I try to sneak onstage and sharpen my claws on Blake Shelton’s chair.

Q: It’s a special night out. Where do you go for dinner?
A: I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but the trick is to look for a C rating or lower: Rodents. I’m just saying.

Q: Do you have a favorite hotel in L.A.?
A: Chateau Meowmont.

Q: By the way, how did you learn to type?
A: I’m not the best typist, purr se, but my trainers helped me learn to use my iPawd.

Q: You remind a lot of people of the cat stroked by Blofeld in the James Bond films. Does that make Cee Lo a supervillain?
A: Purrhaps, but I can only see him as cuddly. =^..^=