Q&A: Boogie King Giorgio Moroder

The disco impresario and soundtrack king joins the Hard Day of the Dead lineup.

How does it feel to be back onstage?
I love DJ-ing. You have 10,000 people singing and clapping. It’s almost like becoming Michael Jackson.

Who were the most fun people you’ve worked with?
Well, I could tell you the ones I did not have fun with. Freddie Mercury was not easy.

You composed the soundtracks for Flashdance, American Gigolo, and The NeverEnding Story. Which song surprised you when it became a hit?
The one I didn’t expect was “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun. It was played once in the movie. “Flashdance” I knew was going to be a hit.

What do you have planned for your L.A. performance?
I may use the vocoder at the beginning to do that deep voice. I may do a song especially for that evening.

Nov. 2-3, Los Angeles State Historic Park, hardfest.com.