3 L.A. Psychics Give Us Their Reads on the Presidential Candidates

Sometimes America can’t trust its gut, so we asked an intuitive energy therapist, a tarot reader, and an intuitive empath to weigh in

In the days leading up to the 2016 election, The New York Times‘ analysis of state and local polls indicated that Hillary Clinton had an 85 percent chance of beating Donald Trump and becoming the 45th President of the United States. Of course, that prediction turned out to be wildly incorrect, and many Dems entered into a grueling four years emotionally unprepared for the horrors ahead.

With Super Tuesday upon us, we’re taking a different approach. A better approach? Probably not, but certainly different. We enlisted a chakra-reading intuitive energy therapist, a tarot reader, and a sound-healing intuitive empath to read the remaining Democratic contenders and how they may fare in the future.

Gigi Rose, Beverly Hills Psychics, intuitive energy therapist

Courtesy Gigi Rose

Back in 2015, Gigi Rose appeared on an episode of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker to read Taylor Dayne’s chakras. Now she’s turning her talents to the race for president.

“First of all, I think energetically right now American is stuck,” Rose says. “This kind of energy can really smack you in the face! Energetically, as a whole, [we’ve] complained so much about him, that our country has self-sabotaged with all of that negative energy. If you believe in manifesting, you know that when you are dishing out a lot of ugly on someone or a situation, then what you are doing is drawing like-minded issues back to yourself. …You can’t fight dirty with dirty. Energy that shows you respect yourself attracts respect, and that goes for the president too.”

Joe Biden. “There is really good energy with Joe Biden. His energy is higher, for a call to duty. His chakras are very in line for him to have a really good chance at being the nominee. He has an energy that causes an instinctive reaction to him. He has the ability to create a good energy. But at the core of him, he doesn’t have a lot to give. At the core center chakra, the solar plexus, he is not as strong as the energy he exudes in the attracting way. The law of attraction is energy that comes from us. His energy is good and promising. It is comforting and he has that, so he exudes that. Before Bernie’s heart attack, I felt he really had the best energy. I think Joe has the most easy-going, positive energy that he casts, and that people might vote him in because that energy can feel safer.”

“Michael Bloomberg, there is something so negative there. … Even though he can have a lot of good ideas and make sense, something is not right. It is not a trusting energy. It is an energy that has a hidden agenda.”

“Bernie Sanders is in an interesting position. Each chakra correlates with that physical part of the body, so his heart attack affected his heart chakra. So somewhere there he lost his balance or energy. It kind of effected his system and his third eye, where there is this eccentric and ego energy where i don’t think it was there before. A lot of heart patients will get very emotional afterwards. It feels like it has gone in the opposite direction for him. Energy healing is about the correction of this. If he were to practice the energies to heal that—sound healing for example, he could correct it. His is changeable, he is in the position to fix it, but it is a matter of whether he sees that imbalance. The ego gets in the way and that is hard to fix himself. His heart attack recovery could be getting in the way of him being his true authentic self.”

“Elizabeth Warren’s heart chakra energy, her compassion and understanding are so, so strong. Energetically she has that solar plexus energy. I call that the superwoman or superman power. She doesn’t have much energy at the core. This is great in politics, but you are talking about presence here. You feel all for her, but you don’t feel her energy for strength. She should be fighting for it. She has a good message, compassion, and understanding.”

Donald Trump. “It is really hard to read energy when your own opinion is very strong. I really believe what my own energy is telling me, and that is he has nowhere to go but where he is. He is dealing with lower base earthy energy. The lower based energies are the earthly sins: money, luxury, greed, sex, racism—all these things we know about him. When you are trapped in the lower bad energy, it’s not even your choice to be that way, you are stuck to be that way. If someone else calls you on it, it’s like they are speaking another language to you so you don’t comprehend and he doesn’t comprehend. There is no divine energy frequency there. Divine energy frequency is when you are with god. You are compassionate. You want the greater good not just for yourself but for others. You want what you do to affect others in a positive way for men and women. So, I can’t see that going in a good way for him. It is hard to kind of find my authentic intuitive self when it comes to him.”

Austin Muhs, astrologist and author of The Soul System of Tarot

Courtesy Austin Muhs

Muhs notes that this year being the year of the rat according to Chinese systems has great significance as the rat “is a counter-pointing animal to the elephant.” (The elephant, of course, is the GOP’s mascot.) Using the Qiong practice, and then analysis based on each Democratic contender’s astrology charts—inclusive of their major (birth year) and minor (birth day) arcanas, Muhs analyzed their charts and did a tarot reading for each one.

“It’s not about predictions, you can gain a lot of insight from these truths,” Muhs says. “I have been doing this for nine years and you can see a lot about a person’s personality based on this stuff. You can see who is crazy and who is not here! Astrology is just ancient psychology.”

“Joe Biden is the constantly driven worker with a penchant for wandering. He likes to work, but whatever he went through in his life was very, very intense, so he also has a lot of big X factors. He’s an Ace of Pentacles person. So it’s a money first thing for him. Maybe he likes the business side of leadership and finds it interesting. Both the horse candidates are suffering from a lack of charisma—him and Bloomberg. Horses captivate people with their beauty, but they are not big talkers. They aren’t like a dog or a rooster. Their approach might just be less less on the charismatic side, which might be difficult. Those people tend to be destined for a second-banana kind of role. He also got the strength or lust card which can indicate that he likes being in a public power position. It is a little bit ego driven. It is possible for them to be warriors and heroes.”

Michael Bloomberg. “He is a Six of Cups vocational card, which means at his highest level, he’s someone who likes to bring people together for community. I wouldn’t say altruistic things, but he definitely likes social events and endeavors. He’s also a horse person and also a hermit person. A hermit person means that we’ll never really truly know what’s going on in his head. So there’s a reclusive side to him that he probably keeps to himself. That could be good, bad, or indifferent—who’s to say unless you know him personally on a deep level. Horse people generally are very, very hard working and that’s generally how they get to whatever stature there in life. The hermit generally is someone who’s into super specialized areas, someone that is driven to be very, very much of a specialist. I would say out of the whole lot, he’s the biggest X Factor. lt’s hard to say what he would do if he got in. Horses are very unpredictable and difficult to train. They can get spooked. They can just run off. Horse people are the same, if they get spooked then they might go in a totally different direction. How horse people handle pressure is their weak point in how they are about being spooked. It isn’t about a lack of bravery, as throughout history horses are brave in battle, it’s about their unpredictability. His chart is neutral. It’s not too crazy good or too crazy bad. He’s got his own stuff that he’s working on in his own spiritual life. But again, you gotta wonder with his disposition, if the price is right, he might also sway. Bloomberg and Sanders seem to have the energy to carry them in their charts to be successful this year.

“Bernie Sanders is the most interesting one on a lot of levels. He’s year of the snake, but he’s also a Nine of Cups person. Nine of Cups is a very, very good card. That’s a dreamer, an idealist, a philanthropist. The term I gave him was the Passive Dreamer. He may have all the dreams in the world, but he may not have the follow through at the end of it. That Nine of Cups in combination with the snake and the Lovers card kind of says, in his mind he’s got all the answers. He knows exactly where to go and what would help society. But at the same time he might not have the power to implement it fully. A lot of it has to do with his birth spiritual life. If he’s very strong spiritually in himself, and a lot of that has to do with how his evolution is because that’s kind of where you get your dreams or your plans is your level of spiritual evolution. So thinking of this politically, his chart shows he is someone where a cat’s going to be a cat and a dog is going to be a dog, and they’re always going to fight. So when you’re trying to balance out and nation, you’re like, ‘How do I let a cat be a cat? How do I let a dog be a dog?’ And not get too wrapped up in the middle of it so it’s not a huge fight all the time. There’s a lot of 5D thinking then goes on with it. Spiritually, if you’re not aware of the base-level principles, that’s hard to do. If you don’t have advisers that are aware of those types of yin and yang playing against each other all the time, it can be quite vexing. People with his chart are prone to self-sabotage in a very big way. One wrong thing at the wrong time, and the whole house of cards comes down. I feel like politically it’s escapism based on this chart for him to be doing this. That’s what I see in him, someone who’s running away into politics to not deal with his own life.”

“Elizabeth Warren is definitely a mixed bag of interesting here. I call her the ox who has seen red. She’s an ox and an Eight of Swords which if you know anything about the tarot, it is kind of a scary card. The Eight of Swords is the card of a lady blindfolded and by herself with a bunch of sores around her. It is like she is captured in a bad situation. In my mind, it is the card of fighting evil. I think that she would have the toughest time in terms of balance and taking any type of direction from advisory capacities. I think that in her head it is her way, and she knows what’s going on and she’s going to try it until it fails and then maybe we’ll try another way. That might be her failing. That could be good if everything else is balanced and in line. She also has the Art Temperance card which is a good card. It talks about the quest of bringing balance and harmony to things. The Eight of Swords, that’s the Bugaboo. It is a very difficult life path. In modern society, what occupation can you go into where you’re fighting evil? We don’t really think in those terms in modern society. If it was used appropriately it could be a superhero card, but a lot of people go in the opposite direction with that card. There is this hill she wants to climb, but can she do it? To win a presidency, you would have to be pretty solid both politically and intuitively.”

Seth Misterka, intuitive empath

Courtesy Seth Misterka

Based in Venice, Misterka works also as a sound healer and musician. His intuitive abilities developed primarily through improvisation in jazz music many years ago when he had his first extra-sensory experiences of feeling what other musicians do by surrendering his conscious mind.

“Joe Biden I feel no energetic charisma from. He is well positioned but he’s tying into the hatred of Trump idea. ‘If you hate Trump, I’m the safe choice for you,’ rather than actually inspiring with his own ideas and of what he wants with his vision for America. He is kind of the fear candidate and that’s not a great position to be in.”

Mike Bloomberg. “There’s a real danger in a billionaire versus a billionaire in the election of America to descend into oligarchy. He has the money but he is lacking the charisma. He doesn’t have the personality that really can attract enough voters. He has an elitist kind of persona. Abrasive to some people. He could potentially turn that around, but that’s not something money can’t buy.”

Bernie Sanders. “I feel intuitively that if if Bernie can unite the different segments that are supporting him, and that would be including bringing in his own generation into his coalition…that it could be that love coalition behind him. Ultimately we are a 100 percent society. When we create a dissonance of us against them, 99 percent against the 1 percent, or us against Trump, discord will not give the results. In the case of Bernie Sanders, He doesn’t need to change his positions or his philosophy, just pivot a little. Sanders can come to a place without abandoning his ideals. If he could bring all those folks to the table—seniors and the wealthiest—all of a sudden I see an unstoppable coalition. I also feel intuitively that his vice presidential pick will also be very important because of his age and because of his potential health issues. It could really potentially bring a whole new set of voters depending on who he brings in and could assuage those fears about his own physical health and physical age.

Elizabeth Warren. “I read her as past, that she missed her presidential opportunity. She could be a promising partner to whoever is the eventual nominee or a cabinet member. She had a chance to pick up momentum and when it didn’t come through, she resorted to the knives-out approach.”

The candidate who can beat Trump. Bernie can win the Democratic nomination and Bernie can also win the White House because Trump is in so invested in hatred that a candidate who actually invests in love and bringing together a broader coalition will win because actually Trump represents a minority of American values. Obama, for example, was successful in bringing together a more diverse coalition. Potentially this coalition is still out there and it can be brought back together again.

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