Private Clubs: The Old Largo Space Has Been Reborn

Good luck getting in.

The old Largo space on Fairfax has been completely redone by new ownership seeking to offer the hip street a CBGB-like live music experience. A few momentos from the property’s Largo days decorate the space (the old Largo sign was made into a light fixture for the women’s bathroom; records decorate the walls). In addition to live music, find within a farm-to-table dinner menu and bespoke cocktails made from hard-to-find, hand-picked spirits. The unnamed venue and restaurant is now soft-open and serving the public.

Or, rather, a very select group of the public. Wander in and you’ll probably be turned away—but not before you notice the rock chic interior complete with large booths, an enormous circular sofa, a fireplace, a corner stage, and a long bar near the back. Look up and you’ll see what looks like the sound guy’s perch. There is space for some acoustic management up there, but it’s also a private dining room and secret bar.

Kate Grutman, formerly of SoHo House, has been working on her bar set up here for the past two weeks, mostly under the cover of night. The whole thing has remained very hush hush. And the club’s owners plan to keep it that way. We are told that there is no website. There is no name on the door (save a tiled threshold at the entrance that reads “Community”). There is no Facebook page or email list. So, how do you get in?

A few people on Fairfax have the club’s businesscard — a black card, blank except for a phone number. (We wish we could share the number with you, but we’ve been sworn to secrecy.) Call the number and hope that someone picks up; there’s no voicemail or answering machine. If they answer, try making yourself a reservation. There are no guarantees, except that if you get in, you’ll be one of the lucky few. 432 N. Fairfax Ave., Fairfax District.