Pretty on the Inside: the Adorable UglyCon

Babo’s here and he wants to take over the world.

If it seems like those fuzzy, adorable, oddly-shaped creatures known as UglyDolls are everywhere it’s because they are. Before the partnership with DC comics, the iPhone app, and the forthcoming movie UglyDoll was a humble line of stuffed animals founded by husband and wife David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. The duo never forgets their indie roots or their biggest supporter, Giant Robot and its founder Eric Nakamura. For several years they have thrown UglyCon, a mini-convention that’s a love letter to the fans who made UglyDoll possible. Artists were asked to createand submit their own versions of Babo, one of the most popular UglyDoll characters, for display in the gallery. The results go on display this Saturday afternoon at Giant Robot or check it out at Google Hangout. 

Why did you choose to focus on Babo this year?
Babo is personal for me. When I first met my wife she wrote some Korean texts in my sketchbook, so I ran to someone to translate thinking it was something great, but it read “BABO” which is Korean for “fool.” Fool can be read a few ways.

Are you seeing a trend in the various Babo submissions?
I see the love of Babo and the actual Uglydoll characters and how familiar those who submitted pieces truly are with the deeper sides of the Uglyverse. They get it. It proves you do not need a TV show, a movie or a big app to bring happiness to people. It may take longer, but the care and attention is real and long lasting. 

Your wife’s artwork is incredibly hard to come by, but I hear pieces will be for sale this Saturday.
UglyCon is pretty much the only time one can see our works in person. This time in addition to Sun-Min’s paintings, which are the most sought after, we will show the original pages from our book series and all new comic book series with VIZ.

Are Ugly Doll and Giant Robot going to take over the world?
We aren’t here to take over but we are here to support our fans takeover efforts which are working quite nicely. We are happy to see the idea of not being afraid to shout that which makes you YOU from the highest rooftops, as that is why we do what we do. That and also candy.