Premiere: LIFE Runs Wild (But Not Too Crazy) With the Music Video for “Kids”

The guys in SoCal band LIFE just wanna have fun

Local band LIFE’s newest song has a catchy, earworm of a melody and so much childlike energy it could be labeled family-friendly (minus one swear word slipped in near the middle). No wonder that the tune is called “Kids” (off the band’s R U D W N N EP) and comes with a music video, which we’re premiering today, that features the trio swinging from trees, racing go-carts, and goofing off in their neighborhood.

Formed by three members of Warped Tour regulars Tomorrows Bad Seeds—lead singer Moises Juarez and two guitarists/vocalists, Sean Chapman and Matthew McEwan—LIFE came together earlier this year. Inspired by the laid-back vibe of their hometown, Hermosa Beach, and by fellow Southern California acts like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime, they aim to showcase an “easy-grooving, soul-inspired West Coast indie rock.” That means breezy hooks and simple lyrics about hanging out and being silly. What could be more fun than that?