‘Pop Hits Radio’ Offers a Guided Tour of 2000s Music and Trends

Brooke Reese, host of the new Apple Music radio show about music and culture of the ’00s and ’10s, shares some of her throwback faves

On her new Apple Music radio show, Pop Hits Radio, host Brooke Reese takes listeners on a trip way back in time–all the way to the 2000s and 2010s.

Reese is also the host of Apple Music’s The Chart Show, a daily countdown of top pop hits that has attracted a global audience–and she’s been familiar to some SoCal radio listeners since her days as an on-air personality with a station group around Palm Springs.

For each episode of her new show, Reese picks a particular year or theme and curates a playlist of nostalgic songs that will take you back to the era (if you were around to remember it, of course), but also goes a layer deeper to discuss that year’s trends in fashion, society, and culture that put the music in context.

Over the weekend, Pop Hits Radio dropped its first two episodes, a debut and a special episode to coincide with International Women’s Day. New episodes will air live and be available on-demand to Apple Music subscribers.

We asked Brooke Reese to take us back a decade to share some of her own formative musical moments. Here’s what she said:

2009: Drake and Kings of Leon

“2009 was an incredible year for music! A couple standout moments for me are Drake’s ‘Best I Ever Had’ and Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody.’ Drake was just popping off and making his debut in 2009, so it’s fun to listen back to this track and talk about Drake before he was ‘Champagne Papi!’ Kings of Leon is one of my favorite bands, I go back to their Essentials playlist on Apple Music all the time, so to be able to talk about them, what they mean to me and how this was their huge breakout moment is so much fun to relive on this first episode of Pop Hits Radio!”

pop hits radio brooke reese
Brooke Reese, host of Pop Hits Radio | Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music

2010: Katy Perry

“I [Katy Perry] so much because she is not afraid to be 100 percent herself, literally what you see is what you get with her. When I interviewed Katy Perry a couple years back, she was so sweet and funny! There was even a moment when I made a joke and then said ‘but this interview isn’t about me…’ I’ll never forget how she responded, she told me to never shrink myself or make myself small. It’s always stuck with me. Also Teenage Dream is one of my top 10 favorite pop albums of all time, I mean it has so many hits on it, so if I have an opportunity to celebrate women and play some of my favorite songs, you know Katy Perry is going to be included!”

2012: Taylor Swift and Rihanna

“Episode two [of Pop Hits Radio] is incredible because we get to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month by taking a look at the amazing women of 2012, a huge year for female artists and pop music! Most notably, 2012 was a transitional moment for Taylor Swift and her breakout year into pop music with her album Red. I love how she wasn’t afraid to try something new and it paid off with hits like ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ ’22,’ and ‘All Too Well.’ Right out of Taylor Swift I play some Rihanna, who is a certified badass. I play music from her album, appropriately titled ‘Unapologetic.’ Rihanna is an incredible role model for women, because she doesn’t apologize for who she is and is an all-around mogul, she really sets the tone for how boss these women are on this episode of Pop Hits Radio.”

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