Here Are Some Hope-Filled Pics of the Silver Lake Reservoir Being Refilled


Yesterday, city officials joined the LADWP at the Silver Lake Reservoir and opened the valves to start refilling it. The reservoir was drained in late 2015 for the construction of a new water pipeline, and has been empty ever since. In a press release, Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell explained where all the water is coming from: “After years of drought, we finally had above average precipitation across California. As a result, the Sierra snowpack is over 200 percent of normal. As the snow melts, the over-abundance of water will come our way via the aqueduct. For this reason, we have a unique opportunity to restore water to the reservoir sooner than anticipated.”

Water is currently filling the smaller, adjacent Ivanhoe Reservoir at a rate of 5,600 gallons per minute. It is expected to start flowing into the Silver Lake Reservoir in about two weeks, and the reservoir should reach a historic level of 440 feet above sea level in about two months. LADWP originally planned to refill the reservoir using groundwater piped from an underwater well, a process that would’ve taken approximately a year—but now, thanks to all that rain, the water will flow in much faster.


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