Photo Gallery: Help Your Dog Channel its Inner Rocky

Dogs all over Southern California are training for the Canine Olympics, which happen in Huntington Beach later this month

Are you in peak physical condition? Ready to compete in high-flying disc grab, head-to-head weave pole racing, agility course running, and hurdle racing? Final question: Are you a dog? If you meet all of the above criteria, sign up (maybe have a human friend help you on this one) for the 17th PurinaPro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge, or as it’s commonly known, the Canine Olympics.

This year the western regional competition will take place at Huntington State Beach Park as dogs of all breeds and sizes compete in several disciplines including the popular dog diving event, in which dogs take a running leap off of a 40-foot dock into a pool of water. The ultimate test of doggy mettle happens May 30 and 31. Show up early on Friday if you plan to register onsite and enter the opening qualifiers. Winners will proceed to the finals on Saturday.

As and added bonus, the Surf Dog Competition that takes place Friday at 9:30 a.m. will feature plenty of paddling pooches hitting the waves. Winners at this weekend’s event will have the chance to compete in the national finals in St. Louis in September. Put on your most streamlined collar, practice your winning bark, and strengthen your core by chasing down neighborhood cats before you head out to the beach. 

What: PurinaPro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge
When: May 30-31
Where: Huntington Beach State Park