Petal Drop LA One Ups El Niño by Raining Flowers Down on Angelenos Instead of Water


Everyone’s had a dream where he/she gets caught in a magical swirl of flower petals, not unlike that one scene from Pleasantville, right? RIGHT?

tumblr_lgtrwwgA3m1qaqy6no1_500According to the Los Angeles Times, an anonymous group of Los Angeles artists—the same collective that installed the Griffith Park tea house last summer—are making all our dreams a reality with Petal Drop LA (01). This Saturday, February 6, Angelenos can stand in the alleyway between the Arcade Theatre and the Cameo Theatre on Broadway and be showered with flower petals as they fantasize about their wedding day, or visiting Japan during Cherry Blossom season, or driving up to Lover’s Lane with Bud Parker.

The performance will take place between dawn and dusk and will make use of 7,000 cups of petals from a local flower farm. Amongst the petals will be little pieces of paper on which visitors can leave notes about Los Angeles. Swoon.

Petal Drop LA (01) will take place Saturday, February 6 in the alley between 530 and 532 S. Broadway. Keep an eye on the artists’ Instagram and Twitter feeds for possible rescheduling due to weather.