The City Has Places You Can Take Your Pet–and Yourself–When the Heat Gets Too Intense

It’s hot out here for a pup

With record-breaking heat conditions continuing to simmer the region, humans aren’t the only ones suffering. If your pets are drooping in this heat, help is available.

What are your options?

There are eight cooling centers currently taking in pets: Sherman Oaks, Lake View Terrace, Panorama City, North Hollywood, Sunland, Northridge, and two locations in Canoga Park. Those same locations are also offering extended hours, staying open until 10 p.m. Just make sure your dog plays well with others before you go, because you’ll be expected to keep control of your animals (and clean up after them) while you’re there, or risk being asked to leave.

When should you go?

“Pets are vulnerable to the high temperatures we’re experiencing this week,” Kate Hutton of the L.A. City Emergency Management Department says. “Pets should be kept inside and given plenty of cool water. If you don’t have access to air conditioning at home and are concerned about your pet’s health, we welcome you to bring them to one of several designated pet-friendly cooling centers.”

What’s a cooling center?

Cooling centers are libraries, recreation centers, and other public buildings that open their doors in heat emergencies to help Angelenos stay cool and healthy. They can offer an air-conditioned break and a spot to gulp some water, but if your pets (or you!) are really suffering from dangerous heat levels, you’ll need to seek medical attention. “If your pet is showing signs of heat stroke, like excessive panting or trouble walking, see a vet immediately,” Hutton says.

For more tips for humans and animals riding out this heat wave, visit the city’s heat emergency website or find additional resources for residents throughout Los Angeles County.

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