Paul Rudd Hearts Camper Van Beethoven

Almost as much as we do

Everyone has an opinion about This is 40. The “sort of sequel” to Knocked Up, it brings back Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann (director Judd Apatow’s wife) as a long-suffering married couple. Some think it’s great; others don’t feel the love. But everyone agrees on one thing: It’s got a great soundtrack and cool musical references. 

In one crucial scene Paul Rudd wears a vintage Camper Van Beethoven t-shirt from his own collection. Viral marketing for the band’s upcoming album or a genuine expression of affection? Either way, we’re excited. La Costa Perdida, CVB’s first album in nine years, drops on January 22. We’ve heard it, and it’s like a dreamy musical trip along Highway 1 full of guitar-driven odes and accessible alt-country tunes.