Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and Kanye West Recorded a Song Together and It’s Awesome

Hot on the heels of ”Only One,” Paul McCartney and Kanye West’s first collaboration, ”FiveFourSeconds” sees the super duo team up with Rihanna

It was kind of like when Superman and Batman cross-over and appear on screen together earlier this month when former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney, and rapper-provocateur, Kanye West, released the solemn track “Only One,” with West on vocals (performing a touching homage to his mother) and McCartney on keys. Well, get ready for Miss Marvel to get thrown into that mix.

On Saturday, Rihanna released a new single via her website (listen to it here) entitled “FourFiveSeconds,” featuring the musical odd couple in addition to the singer herself. Centered around Rihanna and West’s duet on a backdrop of McCartney’s gentle guitar plucking, the stripped down track has a minimalist vibe to it similar to “Only One.” The resulting sonic intimacy highlights Rihanna’s immensely rich voice as well as West’s rapping chops. “FourFiveSeconds” will be released on both Rihanna and West’s upcoming albums.

We’re not totally sure where this new trend in collaborative work is going but we’d love to see more of it. How about putting Keith Richards and Snoop Dogg in a studio together?