Pat Sajack Mocks Contestant’s Boring Story

”Wheel of Fortune” host calls story of mangled toe ”pointless”

Downright cruel!

The normally sunny Pat Sajak, who has hosted the Culver City-filmed game show for 40 years, lashed out at a contestant after he told a not-particularly-interesting, but heartfelt, story about himself.

“It’s on your card,” Sajak said to the contestant, named Scott, reading from his prompt card. “You chopped off your big toe. Why are you telling this?”

“It’s important to know that when I was twelve years old I was riding a ten-speed bike,” said contestant Scott. “With flip flops, and I fell, and I completely cut off the top of my toe.” Two paramedics happened to drive by soon after, and Scott said they told him it was just a laceration. “But I didn’t know what that was,” he said, “and so it freaked me out even more… anyway, my toe is reattached, and I just wanted to say thank-you to them, 30 years later.”

The anecdote elicited laughter from the audience, and Sajak paused for a comic beat before saying with some scorn, “That… that may have been the most pointless story ever told. And you told it.”

To be fair, Sajak has recently defended contestants who were mocked online after gaffes on the show. Most recently was the contestant who took several tries to guess the seemingly-easy puzzle “Feather in Your Hat.”

“It always pains me when nice people come on our show to play a game and win some money and maybe fulfill a lifelong dream, and are then subject to online ridicule when they make a mistake or something goes awry,” he said.

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