Oscar Statue Spotted Snorting Coke on Hollywood Boulevard


Just before the 2014 Academy Awards, a six-foot-tall Oscars statuette appeared on Hollywood Boulevard with one extra flourish: a heroin needle stuck in its arm. Titled “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret,” the installation was the work of L.A.-based street artist Plastic Jesus and was intended as a commentary on the untimely death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Plastic Jesus often publically lampoons celebrity culture (look no further than his “No Kardashians” parking sign), and this year’s version of Druggie Oscar is no exception. Yesterday a new statue appeared on Hollywood Boulevard at La Brea, this time on his hands and knees and poised to snort two lines of cocaine. The piece is titled “Hollywood’s Best Party” and, according to photographer Nick Stern, is intended to highlight Hollywood’s rampant and thinly veiled issues with drug addiction.