There’s Already an “Oprah for President” Billboard Up in DTLA

Oprah 2020? Kanye 2020 guy is at it again

Oprah might still be brushing off rumors of a potential presidential run, but we’ve already got our first campaign ad, in the form of a 54-foot long billboard in downtown L.A.

The sign hangs on a building known as Casa Vertigo, which you’ve probably noticed if you’ve done any driving around the around the interchange of the 10 and 110 freeways. Casa Vertigo has made a reputation for itself with a series of unusual billboards, like the famous “KANYE 2020?” sign that was on display for several months in 2015 (and its sequel, “Pray for Kanye” in 2016).

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Most of the billboards, including this new Oprah endorsement, feature the black-and-white smiley-face logo of I AM GAY USA, a clothing company owned by Shawn Farr, who also owns the building. Though, as LA Weekly reported in 2016, it’s not clear Farr himself would really be a Winfrey supporter—he was also responsible for a hate-mail-generating “TRUMP NOW” billboard around the time of the election.

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To get a look at the Oprah billboard, click over to The Wrap.

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