OnlyFans Star Says She Bedded Meta Losers to Get Her Instagram Back

The strategy of sleeping with Meta employees was successful, and “I’d 100% do it again,” says Kitty Lixo, adding that Meta-mates fed her info

Kitty Lixo, an OnlyFans creator and a popular Instagram celebrity for her self-styled pinup posts, keeps getting banned from Instagram, possibly for linking her OnlyFans account to her Instagram page, which isn’t allowed. Her solution to this problem so far—she claimes—has been sleeping with Meta workers (the company which owns Instagram) to get her account reanimated on multiple occasions, the Daily Dot reports.

And, apparently, it’s worked.

Lixo relayed this info on the Adam John Grandmaison’s (also known as Adam22) pop-culture podcast No Jumper.

Responding to the question, “What’s the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done?” Lixo alleged, “The first time I got my Instagram shut down, one of my friends, he works at Instagram, he’s a guy friend… So I started sleeping with him to have him get my Instagram account back. And he did, which was really nice of him.”

The gentleman she had a tryst with even gave her inside info—for instance “what the review process is like when you get your Instagram account shut down.” It was the “integrity department” that handled things when an account was shut down, he told her.

Acting on his advice, Lixo then looked up members of Instgram’s integrity goon squad through LinkedIn, but got no replies. So she sought out Instagram employees based in Los Angeles in a way that was more comfortable for everyone: through Instagram.

Lixo said she used a “backup” Instagram to contact them that was “still slutty,” ostensibly meaning that it contained the lingerie and cleavage shots that has made her main Instagram so popular.

This strategy was successful, according to Lixo.

“We met up and, like, I fucked a couple of [Instagram employees], and I was able to get my account back like two or three times,” she said.

No, she’s not sorry, and yes, the tactic remains on Lixo’s list.

“I’d 100% do it again,” she said. “I deserve to be heard [because] I contribute to their platform in a sizeable way.” That’s for sure: the modern-day pinup girl has 197,000 followers.

Meta did not respond to LAMag’s request for comment.

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