You Have One More Chance to Get Tattooed at the Natural History Museum

Become part of the display at Tattoo: An Exhibition

There’s a lot to take in at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County’s current exhibition, Tattoo, which runs through April 15. Lifelike silicone torsos and limbs, inked by some of the world’s most famous artists, are on display in glass cases. A pair of documentaries screening in one of the galleries detail the birth of two distinct styles of L.A. tattooing: traditional and black-and-gray.

But the highlight has been the fully functioning tattoo parlor inside the exhibit. Notable SoCal tattoo artists designed flash specifically for the occasion (think flowers, animals, and dinosaur bones), and locals hastily signed up to be inked while museum visitors looked on. The initial batch of 60-plus appointments sold out fast, but on Tuesday, January 9 at 10 a.m. the museum will begin accepting reservations for a second round of appointments, running from February 10 through April 15.

Ian Jones of True Tattoo, Lisa Bracero of Yer Cheat’n Heart, and Lucky Bastard of Mr. Lucky’s Fine Tattoo Work are among the artists slated to take a seat and buzz away for the bargain price of $250 for a 90-minute session. The full lineup of artists (and links to their respective Instagrams) is below.

To register go to beginning on Tuesday.

Saturday/Sunday, February 10-11: Ian Jones of True Tattoo

Saturday/Sunday, February 17-18: Lindsey Carmichael of Gold Rush

Saturday/Sunday, February 24-25: Lucky Bastard of Mr. Lucky’s Fine Tattoo Work

Saturday/Sunday, March 3-4: Karen Costleigh of True Tattoo

Saturday/Sunday, March 10-11: Aaron Torres of Gold Rush

Saturday/Sunday, March 17-18: Christina Hock of Dolorosa

Saturday/Sunday, March 24-25: Evie Yapelli of Show Pigeon Tattoo Studio

Saturday/Sunday, March 31-April 1: Miles Foxworthy of True Tattoo

Saturday/Sunday, April 7-8: Sean Arnold of Spotlight Tattoo

Saturday/Sunday, April 14-15: Lisa Bracero of Yer Cheat’n Heart

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