Olives? Rodrighoes? What Are Olivia Rodrigo Fans Called?

Taylor has her Swifties. Gaga has her Little Monsters. Pop star Rodrigo’s fast-growing army of fans are still settling on a title

With her newly released debut album Sour making a big splash, Disney star and singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo has shown the world that she’s no one-hit wonder. Moved by the pop star’s angst, honesty, and fresh sound, fans across generations—including those who got their driver’s licenses long ago—are scrambling to decide what to call themselves.

Twitter and Reddit were full of threads suggesting what the fandom should be called. One of the more PG-13 ideas, “Rodrighoes” (or “Rodrihoes”), seems to have taken off. A more modest term, “Olives,” has also been a favorite. Still, fans have remained eager to stake their own claim in the quest to christen their burgeoning community of listeners.

A few are in favor of “Amrigos,” a sweet if not clumsy spin on Rodrigo’s surname. Then there is “Sour Patch Kids,” a tribute to the album title and Rodrigo’s collaboration with the beloved candy brand, as well as the ironic “Gleeks,” in reference to the poignant “deja vu” lyric about the Fox TV show. Some more classic takes include “Olivianators,” “Rodrigans,” and “Rodriganators”; others are more playful and faithful to her first hit: “licensed drivers,” “the licensed,” and “DMV clerks.” Some have thrown “Hot Rods” and “Rodrigeese” into the mix, and one has dubbed themselves a “Rodrigrat.”

In January, it appeared a consensus had been reached. An account called @LiviesHQ triumphantly announced, “IT’S OFFICIAL: WE HAVE A FANDOM NAME! welcome to your HQ, Livies.” It even got a stamp of approval of sorts from Rodrigo herself, who retweeted that dispatch with the caption, “!!!!!!!!”

But as the ongoing conversation indicates, not everyone is loving “Livies.” In response to the announcement, one fan tweeted, “aint rodriginizers better or nooo.” Another wrote, “Don’t worry Olives we will get through this. This is a hard day for the fandom. But olives will rise soon.”

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