Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister Is Making the Reality TV Version of American Crime Story

Denise Simpson ”has experienced first-hand the complexities of the criminal justice system”

The story of Nicole and OJ Simpson blew up our small screens (again) as the inspiration for the first season of FX’s scripted series, American Crime Story. Over the course of ten episodes, the familiar tale of Nicole and Ronald Goldman’s deaths—and OJ’s subsequent trial—played out in a fictionalized account on the show. Most of the series was filmed in L.A., including at Mr. Chow’s, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and Rob Kardashian’s former Encino home.

Now, Nicole’s family is jumping in on the action: NBC announced today that their Peacock Productions division is working with Nicole’s sister, Denise Brown, to develop an unscripted true crime series for the network. Brown (and the team at Peacock, apparently) are unabashed in using Brown’s personal life story to sell the idea to the media. Deadline reports that Melody Shafir, the VP of development at Peacock Productions, said in an announcement that, “Denise has experienced first-hand the complexities of the criminal justice system.”

According to IMDB, much of Brown’s work until this point—in front of the camera, at least—has centered around the Simpson saga, including appearances on Larry King Live, E! True Hollywood Story, and VH-1 Where Are they Now. She has also spoken out for years against domestic violence following her sister’s death.