Offset, eBay Team Up to Offer Most Coveted Sneakers at Affordable Prices

The 30-year-old Migos hip hop artist tells LAMag: ”For them to be making these exclusive shoes affordable for kids, and for the community of shoe collectors is just amazing”

Offset has certainly come a long way since draping himself in all designer for the hypnotic ‘Versace’ music video that broke the internet in 2013. The Lawrenceville-born, Atlanta-raised hip hop artist has transformed himself into a multi-platinum artist, avid businessman, and a staple figure in the sneakerhead community.

He teamed up Friday with eBay and Sole Stage to launch the ‘Wear ‘Em Out Store,’ a Memorial Day weekend pop-up that features the most exclusive and coveted sneaker styles at a discount of up to 70 percent off their market price—for shoppers who literally wear their new kicks out the door. The store will be there until Sunday, May 29, and is located on Fairfax Avenue.

“I appreciate what eBay is doing for the community of shoe collectors because the shoes that I did pick, are shoes that people will get less for $100 less than what they actually are [worth], and then they also get the opportunity to wear them out and get up to 70 percent off,” Offset told Los Angeles magazine.

“A lot of times, shoe collectors don’t get the opportunity to get the hype shoe because everybody buys it out… or it goes for so much higher resale, and they can’t afford it. So, for them to be making these exclusive shoes affordable for kids, and for the community of shoe collectors is just amazing… shout out to eBay man,” Offset added.

A line formed outside of eBay’s ‘Wear ‘Em Out Store’ campaign pop up on May 27, 2022. (Photo courtesy of eBay)

He may be notorious for revolutionizing the trap music genre, but Offset has always gained recognition for his interest in shoes. As early as high school, he found himself standing n line for two hours at the Mall of George in Atlanta for a pair of Nike Air Jordan ‘Space Jam’ shoes—a moment that made him want to “take his shoes off, put them [the Space Jams] on, and walk them out of the mall.”

His ventures outside of music have been incredibly successful, as he emphasized that “a rapper can no longer be satisfied with just making music” in an October 2021 interview with i-D.

Offset expanded on that with LA Mag, adding that “you’re not always going to be as impactful with age, and I just feel like you can grow, get into different genres of things, and spread your wings a little bit—I don’t ever like to be boxed in.”

We also had the chance to speak with eBay’s GM of Sneakers, Garry Thaniel, who elaborated on the entire concept of what the company was bringing to Angelenos with the ‘Wear ‘Em Out Store.’

“I think what we’re trying to do is allow people to connect over that feeling of really putting that shoe on for the first time, wearing that shoe for the first time, and all the joy that it brings,” Thaniel told Los Angeles magazine excitedly. “There’s just something about putting that shoe on that’s been sitting in that box… it just brings a smile to your face.”

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