Nychos Brings His Grey’s Anatomy-esque Style to Los Angeles

As the son of Austrian hunters, the street artist is fascinated with portraiture that evolves anatomically

Many street artists command your attention with vivid colors and subjects, but few offer a glimpse into the very inner workings of a mural. Austrian urban art and graffiti illustrator Nychos peels back the layers of his visceral creations to reveal multiple perspectives in one viewing. Thanks to gallery shows and throwups the technique has afforded him widespread fame, which he has certainly earned: Nychos’ methods are complex yet fluid with visuals that are at once beautiful and grotesque. With a father and grandfather who were both traditional Austrian hunters, it’s no wonder his pieces are like a cross-section of his subjects—accurate while still maintaining a curious and voyeuristic feel.

An image of a wolf drawn on a wall in Culver City offers up myriad myths and puns. The art, titled Translucent Wolf of Culver City, can be found off of La Cienega, a street that is very much an artery of Los Angeles. This translucent wolf seems to be peeking through the foliage, but he will capture your attention when traffic is at a standstill (given its location, that’s almost a sure bet). Contemplating the piece from your car, you realize that seeing the wolf’s innards is sort of like seeing inside yourself. We are animals, every last one of us.

Translucent Wolf of Culver City, Graphaids, 3030 S. La Cienega Blvd., Culver City