Now Read This: The Week’s Best New Books, November 12th Edition

Top titles hitting bookshelves this week
The Best Of L.A.


Willin’: The Story of Little Feat
(Da Capo Press, hardcover, $21)
By Ben Fong-Torres
Formed in 1969, Little Feat was a legendary Los Angeles band that is known for creating what many consider the best live album of all time, Waiting for Columbus. In this first definitive biography of the band, Ben Fong-Torres worked with the surviving members to tell the true story behind the well-loved rock-n-roll institution.
Out: November 12

Black and Brown 

Black and Brown in Los Angeles: Beyond Conflict and Coalition
(University of California Press, paperback, $28)
Edited by Josh Kun and Laura Pulido
Featuring essays by historians, economists, and cultural and ethnic studies scholars as well as contributions by Los Angeles photographers and journalists, this is the first book to deal exclusively with the relationships between Latina/os and African Americans in Los Angeles. The book serves as a platform to discuss racial politics not only within L.A., but also the nation.
Out: November 12

The Changs Next Door...

The Changs Next Door to the Diazes: Remapping Race in Suburban California
(University of Minnesota Press, paperback, $20)
By Wendy Cheng
Interviewing nearly 70 families in the San Gabriel Valley, Wendy Chang examines a multiracial suburb and explores how interactions within neighborhoods, schools, civic organizations, and public spaces largely affect racial consciousness.
Out: November 12

Anything That Moves

Anything That Moves: Renegade Chefs, Fearless Eaters, and the Making of a New American Food Culture
(Riverhead Hardcover, hardcover, $22)
By Dana Goodyear
Living in a society with insect-eaters as well as chefs who serve endangered species, American food culture is both fascinating and complex. In this highly anticipated book, The New Yorker writer Dana Goodyear attempts to understand the implication of what we eat and how food informs culture.
Out: November 14

The Best Of The West

The Dirty Side of Glamour 

The Dirty Side of Glamour
(It Books, hardcover, $19)
By Tyler Shields
A well-known photographer, film-maker, and artist, Tyler Shields showcases over 130 honest and revolutionary photos, offering visual commentary on youth, fame, and the power of celebrity.
Out: November 12

The Best Of The Rest

The 27 Club 

27: A History of the 27 Club through the Lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse
(De Capo Press, hardcover, $17)
By Howard Sounes
In this grim but fascinating book, Sounes conducts a thorough forensic investigation into the six most famous members of the 27 club (a group of people related to the music industry who all died at age 27).
Out: November 12

White Girls 

White Girls
(McSweeney’s, hardcover, $16)
By Hilton Als
In this, The New Yorker writer Hilton Als’ first book since The Women, literature, art, and music are used to create a brilliant analysis of race, gender, and history. Discussing such figures as Truman Capote, Louise Brooks, and Flannery O’Connor, Als offers a guide to the culture of our time.
Out: November 12

A Permanent Member of the Family 

A Permanent Member of the Family
(Ecco, hardcover, $17)
By Russell Banks
Known as one of the most compassionate storytellers of today, Banks investigates how we are able to connect with each other and why those connections may or may not endure in this collection of masterful stories that explore the complexities of family life.
Out: November 12

The First Phone Call... 

The First Phone Call from Heaven: A Novel
(Harper, hardcover, $15)
By Mitch Albom
In his newest novel, Albom tells the story of a town whose members start receiving phone calls from the friends and family who have died. Exploring the power of faith, he interweaves the characters’ lives in a moving narrative that shows his mastery of writing and storytelling.
Out: November 12


Mozart: A Life
(Viking Adult, hardcover, $21)
By Paul Johnson
Acclaimed biographer Paul Johnson gives a succinct and complete story of Mozart’s troubled life in his newest tome. In addition to focusing on the larger-than-life composer’s extraoridinary talent, Johnson also addresses the many myths that surround Mozart’s life and stresses the ways in which his legacy lingers in music culture today.
Out: November 12