Now Read This: The Week’s Best New Books, February 20th Edition

Top titles hitting bookshelves this week
The Best Of LA


Earthquake Storms: The Fascinating History And Volatile Future of the San Andreas Fault
(Pegasus, hardcover, $28)
By John Dvorak
Scientist and author John Dvorak recounts California’s precarious relationship with the tectonic boundary between the Pacific and North American plates. Recommended follow-up reading for all Californians includes any manual on surviving the end of civilization or the zombie apocalypse.
Out: February 15

The Best Of The West

The Days 

One Way Out: The Inside Story of The Allman Brothers
(St Martin’s Press, hardcover, $30)
By Alan Paul
Paul, a senior writer for Guitar World magazine, has spent decades entwined with The Allman Brothers Band. One Way Out, the final product of Paul’s nearly lifelong reporting, traces the dramatic history of one of America’s longest running rock legends.
Out: February 18

The Best Of The Rest


Eliot Ness: The Rise and Fall of an American Hero
(Viking Adult, hardcover, $28)
By Douglas Perry
Perry turns the spotlight on the famed Chicago lawman that clashed with Al Capone, adding tales of his lesser-known exploits as well as exploring Ness’ famous history with Chicago crime fighting. This award-winning author pulls from the pantheon of American heroes for a nuanced biography that acknowledges Ness’ victories and failures.
Out: February 20

Doctor Who 

Young Money: Inside the Hidden World of Wall Street’s Post-Crash Recruits
(Grand Central Publishing, hardcover, $27)
By Kevin Roose
New York magazine writer Kevin Roose spent three years shadowing a cabal of entry-level Wall Street bankers. Young Money, the result of Roose’s immersion, follows eight young bankers through the glitzy—yet controversial—world of Wall Street.
Out: February 18