Now Read This: The Week’s Best New Books, February 12th Edition

Top titles hitting bookshelves this week
The Best Of LA


Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program to Bring Nazi Scientists to America
(Little, Brown and Company, hardcover, $30)
By Annie Jacobsen
After Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied Powers in the Second World War, the American government was faced with an unusual dilemma: what to do with Hitler’s team of twisted—yet intellectually gifted—scientists? In Operation Paperclip, L.A.-based reporter Annie Jacobsen digs into the government’s furtive mission to import Nazi scientists into the United States.
Out: February 11

Doctor Who 

Private L.A.
(Little, Brown and Company, hardcover, $28)
By James Patterson and Mark Sullivan
In his third murder-mystery centered on Private Investigator Jack Morgan, Morgan must look into the disappearance of Hollywood’s most famous couple (the fictional equivalent of Brad and Angelina). This installment of Patterson’s Private series also features author Mark Sullivan.
Out: February 10

The Best Of The West

The Days 

The Deportation of Wopper Barraza: A Novel
(University of New Mexico Press, paperback, $20)
By Maceo Montoya
Californian Maceo Montoya’s second novel follows Wopper Barraza across the U.S.-Mexican border after a judge deports him for collecting his fourth drunk-driving violation. Montoya flips the familiar tale of northbound immigration on its head.
Out: February 15

The Best Of The Rest


The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History
(Henry Holt and Co., hardcover, $28)
By Elizabeth Kolbert
Scientists have classified five periods of mass extinction throughout the history of biological life on earth; renowned journalist and environmentalist Elizabeth Kolbert reports on the sixth. The Sixth Extinction chronicles a manmade environmental disaster currently underway.
Out: February 11