The 2020 Oscars Will Not Have a Host

The Academy has confirmed the show will go host-free for a second year in a row

Awards show hosts might be on the way out. For the second year in a row, the Oscars will have no official host for the ceremony.

“Together with the academy we have decided there will be no traditional host again this year, repeating what worked for us last year,” ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke stated at a press event on Wednesday, per the Los Angeles Times

Most viewers of the 2019 telecast agreed with Burke–going host-free did work for the Hollywood trophy-fest. Without a specific person to cut back to between segments, there was a brisker pace, and more time to feature a variety of individual presenters.

The no-host call also works out well for this year’s abbreviated Oscar schedule; the 2020 awards will be the earliest ever scheduled, falling on February 9.

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