5 People Twitter Thinks Should ‘Moderate’ the Next Presidential ‘Debate’

After last night’s ”shitshow,” people had some creative ideas for October 15

In the already iconic words of CNN host Jake Tapper, the first presidential debate—if you can call it that—was a “hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck.” The worst debate anyone’s ever been forced to sit through. A shitshow.

Chris Wallace seemed incapable (or unwilling) to rein in Trump, doing little more than politely admonishing him for refusing to abide by the rules of engagement and allowing him to speak over former Vice President Joe Biden. Trump was also given ample time to sow seeds of doubt about the legitimacy of the election and to repeat talking points about mail-in voting being vulnerable to widespread fraud (which is not true). Of course, Trump and his herd of followers still seem to think the president was treated unfairly by the Fox News host.


While some are suggesting that Americans have already been through enough and shouldn’t be subjected to another debate, the second spectacle is coming up on October 15 and will be moderated by C-SPAN political editor Steve Scully. Another news network talking head? Twitter had more creative ideas. Here are five we saw while scrolling social media in search of levity.

Samuel L. Jackson

A meme reading, “I said two minutes, motherfucker,” made the rounds last night.


Tyra Banks

Memorably, the America’s Next Top Model host would not abide a Tiffany tantrum.


Alex Trebek

Perhaps the beloved game show host could lend some intellect to the proceedings. Have you heard the man say “genre”?

Judge Judy

Everyone knows Judge Judith Sheindlin doesn’t play.

Jerry Springer

We have a reality show host for a president. Why not a talk show host for a moderator?

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