Newsom Warns CA Will ‘Break’ Under Migrant Influx as Title 42 Expires

Title 42, a Trump/pandemic-era policy that rapidly expels migrants from the U.S., is about to end—with major implications for California

Normally migrant-friendly Governor Gavin Newsom is warning that California will soon “break” under the strain of being the state that takes in the most people, especially now that Title 42—a Trump/pandemic-era CDC policy that fast tracks migrants back to their origin countries—being lifted in one week.

As ABC News reports, Newsom is now bracing for a massive influx, arguing that federal authorities are dumping a national burden right on the Golden State.

“The federal government is sending more and more flights, and more and more buses directly here to California because this state is doing what no other state’s doing,” Newsom told the network, “and that’s absorbing and protecting and preserving our values and advancing them by doing health care screenings, and taking care of folks, and the more we do, the burden is placed disproportionate on us.”

And with the Biden administration planning on reversing Title 42, the situation is about to get much more urgent.

“The fact is,” Newsom said, “what we’ve got right now is not working and is about to break in a post-42 world unless we take some responsibility and ownership.”

The governor added, “I’m saying that as a father. I’m saying that as someone that feels responsible for being part of the solution and I’m trying to do my best here.”

But California can only do so much.

“We’re already at capacity at nine of our sites,” Newsom continued. “We can’t continue to fund all of these sites because of the budgetary pressures now being placed on this state and the offsetting issues that I have to address… The reality is, unless we’re doing what we’re doing, people will end up on the streets.”

Newsom’s dire comments were unusual after his years of supporting supporting pro-immigration policies. For example, in 2021, he signed a bill removing the derogatory word “alien” from state codes. then, in September 2022, Newsom signed a bill allowing undocumented migrants to acquire state ID. And, in January, Newsom revealed his 2022-23 California budget plan, which included universal health care benefits for all low-income residents, including undocumented migrants.

California is home to nearly 11 million migrants, according to the Public Policy Institute of California. Of that number, 22 percent are undocumented while 53 percent are naturalized citizens.

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