New Reviews

Susan Salter Reynolds and Lesley Barger Suter just completed four new books


by Autumn de Wilde
Chronicle Books, 176 pages, $35

Autumn de Wilde has photographed just about every L.A. musician of the past decade. Her friendship with Beck has yielded some of the most insightful pictures of the multifarious musician. With excerpts from conversations between Beck and de Wilde, this is a thorough portrait (pun intended) of the artist and her muse. —Lesley Bargar Suter





Big Miracle

by Tom Rose
St. Martin’s Press, 336 pages, $15

Angelenos love a whale story, especially when it’s as well told as the 1988 saga of three California grays trapped by ice in Alaska. The characters who rush to the rescue are desperate to prove their enviro-bona fides: ARCO, Greenpeace, Tom Brokaw, and Ted Koppel. In February Universal Pictures will release the movie.  
Susan Salter Reynolds




It Chooses You

by Miranda July
McSweeney’s, 218 pages, $24

Procrastination lit: These are the books that get written when the author least expects it. It Chooses You is a juicy example. July became obsessed with the people offering up goods in the Pennysaver, classified ads for veteran dealmongers. A baby Bengal leopard in Vista, bullfrog tadpoles in Paramount—July uncovers an L.A. of “actualities.”
Susan Salter Reynolds




Then Again

by Diane Keaton
Random House, 304 pages, $26

Endearingly Keaton entwines her memories with those of her California homemaker mother, Dorothy Keaton Hall, who died in 2008 after a 15-year battle with Alzheimer’s. At 65 Keaton, who never married, remembers Woody Allen’s “great body” and Al Pacino’s “killer Roman nose.” She writes of wanting an “audience in lieu of intimacy.”
Susan Salter Reynolds