Neon Retro Arcade Opens in Pasadena

Who needs an Xbox or a PlayStation when you’ve got <em>Pac-Man,</em> <em>Space Invaders</em>, and <em>Tetris</em>?

With more than 40 vintage arcade games (including classics like Pac-ManFlogger, and Donkey King) and pinball machines, Neon Retro Arcade, opening tonight in Pasadena, just became the go to spot for retro game connoisseurs and people looking to nostalgically relive a simpler age of gaming when all you needed was three buttons and a joystick to have a good time. The Neon Retro Arcade’s proprietors, Mark Guenther and his wife Mia Mazadiego, met over a game of pinball in college. When, eleven years later, the couple’s shared collection of arcade games and pinball machines had outgrown their house, starting a retro style arcade in Pasadena to share the wealth began to look like a good idea.

The arcade is centrally located on Raymond Ave. and  regular hours will be from noon to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and from noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday. Mazadiego and Guenther’s collection range from classics like Asteroids, released in the late ’70s, to 80’s arcade hall staples Mario Bros. and Pac-Man, to early 90’s favorites such as Killer Instinct and Street Fighter II that even Millennials have had a chance to play.

The Neon Retro Arcade opens tonight at 7 p.m. Admission is $10 per hour.