Celebrities Get Naked to Remind Voters of the Importance of Following Ballot Instructions

In a new PSA video, stars strip down to call attention to ’naked ballots’ and other details that could impact your vote

Naked celebrities including Sarah Silverman, Mark Ruffalo, and Tiffany Haddish (who appears to have filmed her naked clip while driving a car) are hoping they can catch your attention for a very important cause: a PSA about properly completing your 2020 ballot and, specifically, not getting caught with a “naked ballot.”

What is a “naked ballot”? It’s when a mail-in ballot is returned with only the outer envelope (the one that has the address printed on it) but not a second, inner envelope provided in some states, designed to provide extra privacy for the completed ballot. In Pennsylvania, a recent court ruling found that ballots that arrived without that inner envelope–so-called “naked ballots”—could be thrown out and not counted.

California ballots don’t use the interior envelope, so our own ballots can’t go “naked” in the same way, but it’s still important to fully read and understand all instructions about properly completing and returning your ballot. Blue or black are the only acceptable ink colors–and it must be filled out in pen, not pencil. Dots on the ballot must be fully filled in, not circled or checked. And, crucially, the ballot must be returned or postmarked on or before Election Day.

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