Music Video Monday: Vandaveer – “Pretty Polly”

Let’s call it Murder Ballad Monday

Washington D.C. band Vandaveer brings a not-too-modern sound to a traditional folk tune with their version of “Pretty Polly,” a murder ballad that long ago made its way from the British Isles to Appalachia. The video, directed by Jared Varava, is just as captivating as the lyrics, which tell the tale of a man who murders his fiancee.

Inspired by the grim carnival procession in the movie Something Wicked This Way Comes (adapted from a Ray Bradbury novel), the video features Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow as the murderous Willie and actress Tricia Vessey as the doomed, ethereal Polly. 

Vandaveer’s rendition of “Pretty Polly” can be found on their album Oh, Willie, Please…, a collection of murder ballads that came out on April 30th.