Music Video Monday: The Plastics Revolution – “Invasi贸n”

It’s a stop-motion video made with Instagram

It took聽1,905 Instagram photos for Mexican band The Plastics Revolution to stitch together their dreamy, fantastic new video for the song, 鈥Invasi贸n.鈥 It features balloons, a beach, a street fair (in San Francisco?), a field of daisies, a map, a tree, a chase, and, at the heart of it, a young couple who seem like a happier version of the lovers from Zabriskie Point.

Hat tip to Mashable, which points out that this isn鈥檛 the first Instagram music video. The video for British songstress Ellie Goulding鈥檚 鈥淎nything Could Happen鈥 featured 1,200 Instagram pictures that she crowd-sourced from her fans.

Invasi贸n 鈥 The Plastics Revolution (Video oficial/Official Music Video) from The Plastics Revolution on Vimeo.