Music Video Monday: “Space Oddity” Sung from Outer Space

The best David Bowie cover ever

David Bowie has already made it into Music Video Monday two times — for his 66th birthday treat “Where Are We Now?” and again for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” in which he and Tilda Swinton play aging rock stars — but this video is undoubtedly the coolest. It was shot in outer space and features Commander Chris Hadfield covering “Space Oddity” in zero gravity. (Details on the making of the video here.)

Leading Expedition 35 on the International Space Station would be enough, but Hadfield isn’t merely an astronaut. He’s a good singer, a natural performer, and a dude with a sense of humor. Hadfield may not have the benefit of gravity but he has gravitas, playing “Space Oddity” for all its deadpan brilliance while his guitar gently spins in midair. He’s also a prolific Tweeter (@Cmdr_Hadfield) of awesome photos.

Ladies and gentlemen, lock your Soyuz hatch and put your helmets on.