Music Video Monday: Flynt – “Mon Pote”

It comes from France but so far it’s the most insane video of the year on any continent

Remember that moment in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta accidentally blows off Phil LaMarr’s head? Or the scenes in Clockwork Orange where a young, bowler hat-wearing Malcolm McDowell pals around with his droogs? Or Full Metal Jacket where the troops are in the trenches?

Have you ever thought, “You know, these movies are pretty good, but they’d be a whole lot better if they included a French rapper?” Of course you have.

Get ready for the most insane–and most cinematic–video of 2013. It comes from France but it’s nutso on any continent.

Directed by Paris-based animator and filmmaker Francis Cutter, the clip features French rapper Flynt (real name: Julien Vuidard) and his cohort Orelsan (also a French rapper and not a lesser Game of Thrones character) inserted into a raft of popular movies: The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, Clerks, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Men in Black, The Hangover, Forrest Gump, La Haine, and something with Gerard Depardieu in bed with two topless girls. The song, “Mon Pote,” seems almost irrelevant but maybe we wouldn’t say that if our French was better.

WARNING: There’s a bit of females toplessness around 1:30 so it’s not totally SFW.

h/t to Dangerous Minds for bringing it to our attention.