Music Video Monday: Das Racist – “Girl”


It’s business in the front and party in the back as a mullet-sporting dude follows around the girl of his dreams in the Das Racist video for “Girl.” With his white tank top and pale denim jacket, he looks straight out of central casting — circa 1984. (Wasn’t he Street Thug #3 in some PG-rated movie where “gangsters” dance instead of fight?)

Here, he earnestly tails the object of his affection through a library, an elevator, and a yoga class, grooving and thrusting the entire time. Known for their smartypants hip-hop (see if you can catch the David Foster Wallace reference in “Girl”), the Brooklyn trio has produced a song that’s straight-up retro electro-pop. And they’ve made a tongue-in-cheek throwback video, complete with fog effects, to go along with it.